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Aloha e komo mai

I almost forgot my regular review of oddities at the DVD store. Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch debuted on the bestsellers wall at HMV, coming in at #31 on the official chart of anonymous source, ahead of The Wedding Date, which I've never heard of, and way ahead of the Love Bug Original Series Movie set, and some season of Friends, but behind Be Cool. A sticker on the cover had the blurb, ``All-New Movie! `An artistically stunning continuation of the original' -- The Creators of Lilo and Stitch'' ... a promotional quote I find believable but unconvincing. I know bunny_hugger has a favorable opinion of the movie, and it certainly looks like it may be fun, but I'm curious how they got to the shelves without a favorable independent critic's review.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was out over the weekend; I know I'll buy it at some point, but don't need it just yet, and I wasn't surprised to see today the announcement it was released from Tuesday. Fraggle Rock is out on DVD too, although I never saw the show when it was on to begin with. I've just seen other people raving about the show.

In the news, Singapore's first seawater desalination plant went online today, several months ahead of schedule. This is part of the campaign to make Singapore as independent as possible from Malaysian water supplies, since the current water contracts expire in 2011 and 2061 and water prices are a regular source of complaints between the nations. (The other big one is whether and how to replace the Causeway; Malaysia wants to and Singapore doesn't.) This is actually personal news, since the desalinated water is being mixed with water supply on my side of the island. And this past week the Newater plant -- processed sewage water -- reached a milestone, although I missed what; it was some nice big round number of liters of water produced.

iCab went and released another update. I thought the automatic update check was broken for telling me my version was out of date, but no, they patched something else up. What, I don't know; they still don't have a README.

Trivia: Of the 80 pages of the 1889 Sears catalogue, 73 were devoted to men's and women's watches and watch chains. Source: Keeping Watch: A History of American Time, Michael O'Malley.

Currently Reading: Star Rider, Doris Piserchia.


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