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Danger near, danger here, nowhere to escape to and nobody there to hear as I now

If things were going better, we'd probably have spent today at Kings Island. They have a new roller coaster, Orion, built surprisingly close to The Beast but still. We'd have gone to ride that, most likely with MWS, and to mourn the loss of Vortex and its station. Likely we would also be working out whether it would be possible to extend our Pinburgh getaway by a day, in order that we might get to Altoona. Lakemont Park has opened its Leap-the-Dips roller coaster, and to close out a trip that would surely include a visit to Kennywood to ride its 100-year-old Jackrabbit roller coaster with a ride on the oldest roller coaster still standing would be great.

And honestly if I had to ride some roller coaster this year Leap-the-Dips may be the best choice. Lakemont's retreat from amusement park to ... town park with a couple rides in it means that it's probably as pandemic-safe as could be. At least it's as safe as a family entertainment center without the indoor arcade would be. But it's way too far to drive just for two roller coasters, even if they are wooden ones. We'd only do that if we also had to burn off our podcast backlog.

Something weird last night. As we tried to not melt in the un-fun ways we noticed bright lights swinging around outside. bunny_hugger looked out the kitchen window and called to me that someone was rooting around back there. ``It's the police,'' they called out to her. She answered back, ``Oh ... I guess that's reassuring,'' which is a pretty good response. I closed the front door. At one point someone said they found a thing, and then that it was a shoe. And, after a couple minutes, they left. This morning, I saw there was a sneaker there. What all this signifies remains a mystery.

This is our neighbors north of us. The house had been vacant since March. Last week some people started moving in. We haven't met them yet, but the first impressions have been good: we've barely known they're there. In fact we're not sure whether they are there. But, no noise, no sprawling cloud of pot smoke, no junk sprawled in the front yard; that's all doing nicely. (There's a heap of cardboard boxes in the backyard, but you can't hold that against someone just moving in.) This doesn't sound like much, but what we want in neighbors is low drama. So last night was unsettling.

To keep up with the story comics, check out What's Going On In Judge Parker? Did you see the new Sparks video? I can't imagine why this video seemed like something of relevance to Judge Parker or, really, all our lives right now. One of those strange moods, I guess.

Now to Sunday at Motor City Furry Con 2019! I am disconcerted to find I didn't take pictures of the indoor gardens, where the fursuit group picture was trying to be organized. But we'll see what I do have instead.


Things breaking up after the Rodents or the Bunnies or maybe the Raccoons SIG; doesn't much matter. Someone brought the gift of music! Also note at the bottom the hardbound blank books given out as con souvenirs.


Goose guarding his mate, whom we saw outside the Holiday Inn Express for Motor City Furry Con's old location. We wanted to get Indian food from that restaurant in the gas station again and realized it's really only like a ten minutes' drive so we took the opportunity.


My album cover for Sunday. Looking down at the hotel piano and someone playing guitar beside it.


People gathering for closing ceremonies already! Amazing how fast a con goes when you don't think to take pictures of your panels and such.


Before the ceremony started someone passed out streamers under each chair and directed everyone to get ready to toss them when the con chair unknowingly gave the secret word.


The con charity getting its moment of being overwhelmed by the donations.


Hoorah! I do my best to get a shot of the streamer toss.


It made a bit of a mess. The congoers cleaned up after closing ceremonies.


Folks in fursuits, full and partial, hanging out after closing ceremonies.


Simon game, and a bunch of video games, in the game room for the while that this was open after closing ceremonies.


Game room closing down for the convention.

Trivia: About seven thousand of the 22,000 miles of railroad track laid down in the United States from 1850 to 1860 was in the states that would secede. Source: The Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C Black III.

Currently Reading: more of the many miscellaneous comic books sent in the box. Do not fear: one of them is the Archie Comics miniseries based on C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa.

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