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On my mathematics blog, I published the big essay for this week. My All 2020 Mathematics A to Z: Exponential looks at one of those things you just know, if you do a lot of mathematics, and that finally bothered me enough I had to figure out a reason for.

My humor blog, meanwhile kept up its usual blend of things. Here's this past week's writing:

Back to Cedar Point, May 2019. Get ready for lots of documentary-style pictures as I photographed things on Steel Vengeance, and on the railroad ride, that I wasn't sure I'd get to photograph again anytime soon.


The mark of shame! Or, actually, just the mark that I had my iPod on me. Anyone with a cell phone got this. The handful of people who were in without phones or such would get a green check mark. This was to make sure ride operators asked us if we'd stowed our things in the little zip pouch under our seats, where they can be safe for the ride and then be forgotten about as you try to leave.


Mysterious hardware that's kept underneath the Steel Vengeance launch station.


One of the small things done in changing Mean Streak to Steel Vengeance was adding these little bunny hills before the lift hill and, yeah, that's a great way to start the ride.


Steel Vengeance launch station. The stairs on the inside are now the fast-lane queue for line-cutters. They used to be the normal queue for everyone (fast-line riders came up the exit stairs on Mean Streak).


Safety instruction sign at Steel Vengeance. If this ride goes like every other roller coaster ride, they'll loosen up about stuff like glasses needing an athletic strap. Notice the explicit support for cargoshortsmen like me!


More ride safety information, this one closer to the back of the station.


What's this? A duck made her nest right next to one of the arcade buildings.


Park staff set her up with a dish of water and some grapes and bread and whatnot and we, at least, left her alone.


Quarter lost in the water decorations outside Maverick.


Spotted these coupons to ``Have a ride on us'' at the Maverick station. I don't know whether these were already-used coupons or whether they're ones to be given out to people who got all the way to the station when the ride goes down and so are given a chance to skip the queue later on.


Old-fashioned carriage set up in the Frontier Town end of the Cedar Point and Lake Erie railroad.


We took the railroad ride to the front of the park and this means I got a rare chance to photograph the Boneville setups and animatronics and such. So that means you're gonna see them. Enjoy!

Trivia: William Herschel's first noticed the fuzzy star, Uranus, on the 13th of March 1781 happened between 10 and 11 o'clock; after noticing its haziness, he went on to searching for double stars, until 5 o'clock. Source: In Search Of Planet Vulcan: The Ghost in Newton's Clockwork Universe, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Read You Loud And Clear: The Story of NASA's Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network, Sunny Tsiao.

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