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In the streets of a town called Seabreeze

And getting back to my mathematics blog, note that I've got a call for topics out and would be glad to hear ideas. Here's stuff that's run recently, though:

In my cartoon watching? Here's 60s Popeye: Tiger Burger, which you can go ahead and join in progress as, jeez, wasn't there network standards warning them about these kinds of jokes some?

Let's get back to Seabreeze in June 2019, and looking at the historical artifacts they have on display around the carousel because that's very much my thing.


More vintage tickets, for the rides at Dreamland, and for Skee ball and Fascination. Notice that they have gone back and forth about whether Seabreeze is one or two words.


Food tickets for Dreamland/Seabreeze, along with a vintage postcard showing Jackrabbit when it was younger and flanked by a flying scooters.


Better picture of that old plate, and one explaining the winner-every-time game.


Back at the carousel: this is a piece of the wooden center pole from Philadelphia Toboggan Company carousel #31, formerly in Ohio. When Seabreeze needed to build its new carousel they bought the frame of PTC 31 (the horses had been sold off before) and used that to build the new one.


Steel and brass rings from the carousel ride. As the fly-infested sign says, they hadn't done the ring machine game since the 60s and the mechanism was lost in the 1994 fire.


A plate for the carving machine used by the Longs in making carousel horses. I feel so happily nerdy seeing this.


'Your Future Husband/Child' cards from an old coin-op attraction. So whoever was there on the left was going to marry ... Charles Boyer as Popeye? Takes all types, I guess.


Horoscope cards for people born in December. More coin-op detritus.


Pieces from a fortune-telling machine and a picture of the park's machine being serviced.


Photographs of the park's history line the carousel building. On the left, you can see Spitzy the Llama. That chimpanzee on the right is ... not my favorite thing about the park history, no.


Bit more easy-to-take fun: photographs of the Lightning Bug/Tumble bug and the Over The Falls log flume.


In the 70s, Seabreeze embraced its old name again and accepted that it would be the 70s. Notice that the Gyrosphere --- an indoor Scrambler --- had a music and light show set to ELO's ``Fire on High''.

Trivia: In 1704 Nicolas Fatio de Duiller, Pierre Debaufre, and Jacob Debaufre applied to the English crown for a patent on their mechanism of using drilled-out rubies as watch bearings. The patent was granted, then withdrawn, after the Clockmakers' Company argued that it would be damaging to the clockmaking community to patent so unspecific and generally applicable an invention. Source: Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution, Lisa Jardine.

Currently Reading: Origins of NASA Names, Helen T Wells, Susan H Whiteley, Carrie E Karegeannes. NASA SP-4402.

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