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How's my humor blog looking? Pretty good considering that my mathematics blog ate up like every bit of my thinking energy this week, really. Run the past week have been:

Speaking of my mathematics blog. On it I ran My All 2020 Mathematics A to Z: Permutation, a day later than I'd have liked, but still, somehow still two thousand words. That's over six thousand words on my mathematics blog this week so I'm doing a great job keeping my writing to a reasonable workload here.

Now to Knoebels's other impressive and amazing roller coaster semi-rescues, as seen in July of 2019.


Crossing over one of the creeks within Knoebels. There are reasons the park floods every eighteen weeks.


And here's Twister, a near-mirror copy of the Mister Twister roller coaster at the original Elitch Gardens in Denver. And why did Knoebels decide to recreate a roller coaster beloved by the people of a city 1,600 miles due west on I-80? ... Anyway, so Knoebels, you know?


The ride-height sign for Twister, showing off Kozmo all dressed for his day-job work as a home contractor.


The Golden Bolt, a piece of the original Mister Twister brought over to give the new roller coaster historic continuity. The installation date of the 9th of October, 1999, puts it a couple months after the ride opened, the 24th of July that year. Mister Twister had closed the 1st of October, 1994, and was torn down in January 1999.


Exit path from Twister. Also someone was sitting underneath that sign on the left.


Another piece of the original Mister Twister on display.


Launch station, along with some decorations hung for the coaster's birthday year and it just now struck me we were there not a week past its 20th birthday.


Looking out from the front of the train. There's a nice little rolling exit for the train.


And the roller coaster has my all-time favorite kind of loading station: curved.


Swans hanging around in the creek outside the roller coaster and separating it from the main body of the park.


The Crystal Pool, in heavy use. The swimming pool was one of the first amusement-type features that lead Knoebels from being a campground to being an amusement park.


Here we get the pool explained. Opened 1926 and with a filter system added in 1933, so just think how dismal the water must have been.

Trivia: In Edmond Halley's 1678 Catalogue of the Southern Stars he created a constellation, Robur Carolina, referring to the oak tree in which Charles hid after the Battle of Worcester. King Charles in turn asked Oxford to give Halley his degree. Oxford did. Source: Compass: A Story of Exploration and Innovation, Alan Gurney.

Currently Reading: The Secret History of the Jersey Devil: How Quakers, Hucksters, and Benjamin Franklin Created A Monster, Brian Regal, Frank J Esposito.

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