austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Like we did last summer

To: Management
Re: Scheduling Error
To whom it may concern:

I would like to express my extreme disappointment at the decision to inflict a mild yet irritating cold on me, given that -- as your records will claerly show -- I had a cold barely one month ago. It is unreasonable to inflict two such similarly whine-inducing diseases on the same person in such short order, and it is particularly unfair to inflict one the final week of the Chinese Garden lantern festival, when I'd intended to spend several hours both before and after sunset wandering around in a crowded place. I humbly request this cold be postponed to a more reasonable date. Thank you.

Meanwhile, of course, I'm doing the usual ineffective things -- sleeping more; taking oddly named locally-produced cold tablets; stopping by the housing complex's shopping center to buy a lot more stuff based on fruits, and drinking them. It's still unfair, but at least I'm not losing any class time for it. I've got toaster oven-ready stuff to eat, although I keep forgetting to buy paper plates and towels, making actually eating anything substantial, eg, a frozen pizza, rather a challenge.

In less personal news, it turns out Star Trek: Enterprise lost its nomination for an Emmy in the category of hairstyling to an episode of something called Deadwood. In still other news, there's an Emmy for hairstyling. Other nominations for hairstyling went to Alias, American Dreams, Carnivale, and Mad TV. That's just hairstyling for a series, mind you. Hairstyling for a miniseries or a movie is a different category, namely, ``outstanding hairstyling for a miniseries, movie, or special,'' which was won by The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and lost by Lackawanna Blues, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Tracy Ullman Live and Exposed, and Warm Springs. I mention this just because it dazzles me, but bear in mind, I've got a cold.

Trivia: Gemini spacecraft 12 was moved to launch complex 19 and put atop its Titan II on 23 September 1966. Source: Project Gemini Technology and Operations: A Chronology, James M Grimwood, Barton C Hacker, Peter J Vorzimmer, NASA SP-4002.

Currently Reading: The Longest Day, Cornelius Ryan.


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