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Art Fleming gave the answers

It's been positively quiescent on my mathematics blog, with just the one big piece per week the last couple weeks. What have those pieces been? Let me take you back ... nearly two weeks so this looks more full:

In the cartoons, I look at 60s Popeye: Strange Things Are Happening, and I have questions about them.

Now, back to ReplayFX 2019, and the events surrounding it, such as the parts of Pinburgh we were no longer competing in.


The slow degradation of conditions on Judge Dredd, which from the looks of things was part of the Intergalactic Pinball Tournament, the side tournament giving people something to wait in crazy long lines on for Saturday.


bunny_hugger getting in an Intergalactic game on a game from that time in the mid-80s when Gottlieb said ``we don't need to get the Ghostbusters license''.


``What do you mean by a `wide' pinball stance?''


View of the pants bridge and Pirates Stadium, as a baseball game plays.


Walking back from dinner we discovered that the lighting effects on the waterfall-and-river were still on, even without the water being there.


Ooh, a bonkers-themed early-solid-state game, you say? I am interested.


bunny_hugger pausing a moment in Super Orbit, a sweet early-solid-state game.


We left Pinburgh/ReplayFX about midnight, since there was stuff we'd need to do early in the morning. There was a hint of it in a picture posted Friday; did you catch it?

And that's my Saturday pictures! Sunday was the most free of days and I have a great mass of pictures from that.


Our hotel room, as we left it. I was left alone to do the final packing and clearing out of our room and while I wasn't too worried about lugging our stuff to the car several city blocks away, I was terrified I was going to leave something important behind. I did not, so far as we've noticed yet.


Another view of our room. Note that I opened and left open the drawer in the bedside table even though we never set anything in it.


Ah, but, we were awake early enough that I could get to the hotel buffet breakfast and load up on scrambled eggs, some more scrambled eggs, more scrambled eggs, some scrambled eggs, and I don't know, I probably pocketed a banana or something. Anyway I would like to express my support for eggs.


Mural above the hotel's dining area. The hotel used to be the Pittsburgh branch of the Cleveland Federal Reserve so the room has this style of looking all respectable and fiduciary. I don't know if the mural is actually vintage or just made to look vintage.

Trivia: On the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Canal of the 19th century --- a network of canals and railroads --- passenger cars would be canal packets which were lifted from the water, set on train beds, and carried to the next canal segment to be re-floated. Source: The Railway Journey: The Industrialization of Time and Space in the 19th Century, Wolfgang Schivelbush. (It's the sort of thing that makes you realize how close we were to container cargo long before the 1950s.)

Currently Reading: Barnaby, Volume 1, Crockett Johnson.

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