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Keeping my slow but steady pace at the mathematics blog. Published there recently have been:

In the cartoon-watching here's 60s Popeye: Popeye's Tea Party, with a lot of casual tea-sing and questionable historic accuracy I regret to report.

And now, the close of our Friday at Cedar Point's Halloweekends back in October 2019. This is my last day to get less than 13 months behind photographing!


The Rougarou roller coaster here, with the Power Tower in the background. The train-crossing gates are in the foreground.


Outside Iron Dragon the fog got really atmospheric. Rougarou is in the upper left here.


The line at Blue Streak. Halloweekends is the time we most reliably see a wait for this nice homey roller coaster.


Skeleton horses, and skeletons, set up in Frontier Town.


One of the four rabbits on the Kiddie Kingdom Carousel.


Helicopter ride in the Kiddie Kingdom, which caught my eye because this was a Herschell-Spillman ride and I was wearing my Herschell-Spillman Museum T-shirt with this as one of the rides on it.


The lift hill for GateKeeper, along with some of the longest lines that this high-capacity, fast-loading ride attracts.


The blue structure's where the roller coaster turns around from the launch station to the lift hill. The queue goes underneath the station and some of the track, and splits into two steps so you can decide which side of the coaster to ride.


Rising moon seen over Lake Erie, through the fence outside GateKeeper.


And the rising moon seen from the GateKeeper launch station.


The Raptor queue, where it goes underneath the station. Blue Streak's lift hill is the great heap of wood in the background.


End of the night already. Plenty of fog to give depth to the lighting.

Trivia: World War I soldiers could fill out the ``Field Service Post Card'', properly Form A. 2042, but known to users as the ``Whizz Bang'' or ``Quick Firer''; it offered stock phrases about the sender being well; or being in hospital sick or injured, recovering well or hoping for discharge soon; being sent to the base; receiving your letter/telegram/parcel dated (blank); will be sending a letter; or have received no letter recently. One was to cross out the inapplicable portions and make no additions. Source: The Great War and Modern Memory, Paul Fussell.

Currently Reading: Barney Google and Snuffy Smith: 75 Years of an American Legend, Brian Walker.

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