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All towns have churches and tire shops

My mathematics blog wrapped up its A-to-Z this week! Did you feel the excitement? Well, try watching the flop sweat as I think about what to write up next week, then, that'll be good for us all. For my last week of regular writing, though, please consider:

And in the cartoon-watching business, it's 60s Popeye: A Mite of Trouble; do you get it? Because, mm.

Let's now appreciate some more of the beauty and decor of Kings Island, as seen back in October 2019.


Kings Island's floral clock. I failed to go up the Eiffel Tower to get a photograph of this and its floral calendar from above, though. You can see the rides graveyards on either side.


Sculptures atop the Antique Carousel's building.


And some of the horses on the antique carousel. I don't think we'd before noticed the initials on the front of so many of them.


View of one of the shield horses for the Philadephia Toboggan Company carousel #79 here. The carousel was built in 1926 and was owned by predecessor park Coney Island Cin(mumble)ti.


bunny_hugger inspecting her horse just in case something's gone awry.


And what we were looking at, a new level for carousel nerdery: noticing the PTC identification badges on the non-romance side of the bridle. Here, the horse is identified as Row 1, Number 233.


And mine was Row 2, Number 353. The row numbers we understand --- 1 is the outer ring, 2 the next inner one, 3 the one inside that, and so on --- but the number is mysterious yet. Serial number of horse production overall? Or is there some significance to how the initial digit seems so far from the final two digits?


Another look at the antique carousel. Wonder what kind of high score RLT put up to get his name on the horse like that.


Large goblin-y figure set up at Kings Island, twin to a grumbly giant monster that Cedar Point has.


Entrance to the Racer, Kings Island's racing wooden roller coaster/s. We'd get a couple rides on this of course.


The outside of Banshee, built about where Son of Beast used to be. We didn't ride; it had too long a line for the time we had.


Overpass leading to the (new) Bat, which we did want to ride. Also signs for two of the haunted house attractions, Blackout and Wolf Pack.

Trivia: Part of the attraction of the 1951 (New York City) theatre revue Bagels and Yox was that fresh-baked bagels and cream cheese were given to the audience. However, the local bagel-baker's union, Local 338, went on strike in December 1951 and the beginning of 1952, which forced the substitution of doughnuts. Source: The Bagel: The Surprising History Of A Modest Bread, Maria Balinska.

Currently Reading: The Age Of Revolution, 1789 - 1848: The Dual Revolution --- Industrial and Political --- in England and France, and its Global Consequences, E J Hobsbawm.

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