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Santa Claus is coming to town!

On my mathematics blog I got to do a fun bit of retrocomputer archaeology. Did you ever ask How Did Compute!'s Gazette's MLX Program Work? I have the answer for you!

And with that done, let's get back to the Potter Park Zoo Wonderland of Lights, December 2019 edition. The December 2020 edition you'll see later ... probably this year.


Some of the big cats calling Mom to tell their brother to stop it already.


Lion wondering how, exactly, it's come to all this.




Caught this lioness in the midst of licking her nose.


Anyway, I hope you can feel this happy today.


``Why doesn't it feel that good when I lick my nose?''


Some model of lemur although I'm not sure which species; the web site doesn't say.


Getting back to some leeming, though.


A view of the Feline and Primate House, which has this great interior style I associate with 70s buildings.


You see? Who does curved inclined paths anymore? The wire cage in the center used to have bigger lemurs, like, ringtailed ones and such, but this visit I believe it held guinea hogs.


Giraffe statue outside the Feline and Primate House, with you-know-what in the background.


Elephant in lights along the trail leading to the front of the zoo.


And an illuminated butterfly and deer along with the evidence of a lot of wild deer prowling around.

And that wraps up the Wonderland of Lights 2019 display! Go ahead now and guess what's next: pinball tournament or amusement park? Remember this is December 2019 we're looking at.

Trivia: When the Allies breached the Hindenberg line in September 1918, German First Quartermaster General Erich Ludendorff, de facto head of the Great General Staff, fell to the floor and, according to reports, foamed at the mouth. The next day he insisted the crown council sue for an armistice under terms of Wilson's Fourteen Points. Source: The First World War, Hew Strachan.

Currently Reading: Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower and the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused, Mike Dash.

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