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When I asked her what's the matter

All's looking a little more normal on my humor blog. Featured there the past week have been:

Let's get back to cruising around the Cypress Gardens, January of 2020. The gardens have reopened but group tour boats are off, for now; just individual self-guided rowboats. We'd have not understood anything without a guide.


The bridal landing, used for weddings as a spot where the boat carrying the bride reaches ground and lets her get onto the ground without dragging her dress through mud.


Oooh, look at that fallen and broken log. I bet there's a letterbox in it!


Turtle turtle.


A woodpecker(?)-devoured tree standing absurdly tall just in the middle of the water like that. And it's all like that.


And a birdhouse set out for I don't know what kinds of birds. Maybe something from that wildlife plaque we saw earlier.


Tree that's had a bead of caulk laid down to try and hold it secure and keep it safe against the harsh winter.


Another of those great tall woodpecker(?)-devoured trees in the middle of the water.


I realize this is a lot of pictures of very similar things but, boy, you just don't see trees like this in the marshes that mid-Michigan is struggling to be again.


The experience caused me to understand just how much Walt Kelly's Pogo really got the look right.


More of the trees. See that bridge in back? We'll come back to that. But you might have seen it already.


Self-guided tour boat surprisingly close to an alligator. I'm not sure if they were aware.


But the alligator's happy to not mess with this nonsense.

Trivia: England of 1870 had about 120,000 privately owned large carriages and 250,000 light two-wheel carriages. Source: The Invention of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Cities and the Sea: Port City Planning in Early Modern Europe, Josef W Konvitz.

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