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The existential threat is drawing very, very near

Still hanging out in June 2020, starting with observing the backyard and then getting out around town, mostly to the south of our house.


Backyard squirrel considering the options.


Squirrel figuring that, yeah, I can take that down.


Peering in at the Zoo, from the elevated roadway taht goes past it. It's no longer flooded, but I can see one of the peacocks staring back at me.


The Red Cedar River as seen in a non-flooded mood.


And here's the zoo's parking lot, at a time when the zoo wasn't open to people. So it's just staff cars here and ... why are they parking so far from the entrance? I guess to keep the cars shaded?


Walking along the River Trail, there's a bunch of wooden bridges. And this one has this inexplicable street sign screwed to the planks. There is an East Lawn graveyard, in the town east of East Lansing, and maybe the street sign would have made sense there? Or maybe they needed to cover a gap and just couldn't find anything flat and small enough besides a spare street name sign? But it's weird nevertheless.


Looking out from that patched bridge at the Red Cedar River. To the right is the Michigan State University campus, eventually.


Muddy creek between that part of the River Trail and, roughly, Ralph Crego Park.

Trivia: Nicotine is named for Jean Nicot, the mid-16th-century French ambassador to Portugal who brought tobacco to France. Source: Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants, Wolfgang Schivelbusch.

Currently Reading: America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines, Gail Collins.

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