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That's close enough to feel

And happy Shiny Day to all!

Bet you're wondering What's Going On In Judge Parker? Why was Neddy angry at Godiva? December 2020 - March 2021 plot in review here.

Now to more of my July photographs, including a special surprise holiday! Not the 4th of July again.


``Don't talk to me or my son ever again'', carousel jigsaw puzzle edition. A puzzle bunny_hugger had a great time doing.


``Don't talk to me or my son ever again'', pet rabbit edition. This is rabbit with the plush rabbit toy that she doesn't care very much about, but does pretty consistently push into a box along with some other toys.


bunny_hugger, staying up all night the 24th of July, took her quiet time to decorate the house for Christmas In July! It's the first time she decorated for that and it made for a delight. ... I, of course, slept in the 25th so that she could not see the look on my face as I discovered this surprise.


Christmas lights over the arch from the living room. This is less work than it looks as we have plastic tabs for holding them mounted year-round.

Our rabbit enjoys some quality time underneath the coffee table, illuminated slightly differently from the summer norm.

Our rabbit enjoys some quality time underneath the coffee table, illuminated slightly differently from the summer norm.


Christmas lights and the front door open with the blimp engine of a fan underneath, trying desperately to cool things off a little bit. The closet door is ajar because we have a full-length mirror on it and I'd discovered if the front door is open and the closet door closed, then you can see basically the whole of our first floor in the mirror. Whoops.


More of the Christmas-in-July decor, with July represented by the fireworks rockets in that bunny statue's basket. Also, miniature pinball The Flip Side enjoys its place on the end table.


Tiny Christmas carousel with Santa waving from on top of the world, photographed close-up so you can see a nicely out-of-focus view of the sun going nova out the window.

Trivia: The first United States intervention in the Nicaraguan Civil War of 1909-12 was instigated when Nicaraguan President José Santos Zelaya ordered the execution of two American citizens who had volunteered for service as officers in Emilianio Chamorro Vargas's rebel army. Source: America's Wars, Alan Axelrod.

Currently Reading: The Gangs of New York, Herbert Asbury. Heeeyyyy, I recognize so much of this from the 90s when History Channel would run ... I think it was called ``History's Mysteries'' and had that narrator going over in fine detail stories of the Five Points section of Manhattan.

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