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The passengers for Allentown are gone

The stand at the common area of the Harbourfront mall had an empty counter and a sign, ``Buy 2 boxes of mooncake, get 1 Piglet free.'' I suppose it's meant to a a Piglet toy or something, and the promotion seems to have been effective since the counter was empty and closed down, with neither mooncakes nor Piglets nor staffer left behind. Still, kind of late in the season for mooncakes, isn't it? I mean, I saw the first store displays for Hari Raya today.

15-year-old Calvin Teo made a little fuss by making his own map of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system. He used Photoshop and a real map of the system with a completed Circle Line, and added some planned future expansion -- the Bukit Timah Line and the Eastern Region Line -- necessarily making up details, and adding further ``under planning'' lines, and extending the Circle Line to Marina Bay, the unloved terminus. He was just having fun, and I truly understand. But the map somehow got out, and residents in affected areas started complaining about details, and he just wants everyone to know, he was just making it up, for fun. (He did a pretty good job, although he doesn't have quite the right typefaces for the station names.) And the Land Transport Authority's happy with his interest but really wants people not to go looking at fictional maps.

Star World is beginning a run of Get Smart! Sundays. I'm psyched. They're also the place to go for Hogan's Heroes, and, for some reason, Malcolm in the Middle. They're also airing what they bill as an ``All-New Season'' of Enterprise, by which they mean, the second season. Tonight they aired ``The Communicator,'' the episode where Captain Archer decides that it'd be better to tell the pre-warp civilization that captured him that he's a genetically engineered super-soldier with phasers and invisible airplane prototypes being tested by the enemy nation their captors are on the brink of war with, because admitting he's an alien who left a communicator behind would damage their culture. Never before have I so wanted to smack a Trek character silly.

Trivia: At least 67 elements have been detected in the sun. Source: Life Nature Library: The Universe, David Bergamini.

Currently Reading: Victims of Groupthink, Irving L Janis.


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