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Oh yeah, so, if you're interested in Lake Lansing [ Amusement ] Park? There are a few traces of further information in a couple newspaper articles; not enough to answer all the questions one might have, but, like, here's a Lansing State Journal piece, which includes photographs of the Turnpike ride that I think is the track that's still there. Also of the roller coaster which used to be there. It's also got photographs of Waverly Park, an amusement park on the west side of town that closed in 1917, and includes a picture of its roller coaster, one unknown to the Roller Coaster database. Here's a post from Michigan Blue, a ``Waterfront lifestyle magazine'', with more text about Michigan amusement parks, and vintage postcards, none of which are Lansing's but still, hey, vintage postcards are great.

I've been averaging two posts a week on my mathematics blog lately. It doesn't seem like an excessive rate. And yet I still have no idea what I'm posting tomorrow because I haven't been able to think that far ahead. Well, here's things that have run on my mathematics blog recently:

The things for Pi Day were the same ones I shared last year; just, no time to come up with something new, not yet. I apologize for the inconvenience but you've seen what the last six weeks have been like.

Now let me get to more pictures from September 2020, from nothing particular. I'll start with pets.


So here's our mouse, hiding away from the camera!


We got this cardboard box from some piece of consumer electronics mailed to us; I forget what. But it was compressed cardboard and just great; we gave it to our mouse to use as his Brutalist City Hall. He'd disappear into there just forever and we only got rid of it when we had to clean his bin out entirely as part of mite eradication.


The wooden tunnel is one of the things we got when adopting the mouse. Note that he's covered his food dish with litter, the better to hide it from competing mice.


Our mouse peering out the cage while we get another look at his Brutalist City hall, plus some of the wooden-log sculptures he gets to crawl on and under.


Our mouse atop the wooden tunnel. The running wheel's in back.


The mouse coming up to us like the henchman afraid to give the evil overlord bad news about the prisoners and their escape.


I love this shot of him peeking out of frame.


And our mouse, atop the Kleenex box that was his original home, peering in to see what I'm taking such nosey photographs of.


Meanwhile our pet rabbit takes advantage of the moment to be dead.


And now she's headbanging.


Back to the Dead Bunny Flop!

Trivia: Federal laws in 1817 and 1822 gave the United States Navy jurisdiction over federal lands as timber preserves, to ensure the Navy would have the oak and red cedar it needed. Source: Guardian of the Great Lakes: The US Paddle Frigate Michigan, Bradley A Rodgers.

Currently Reading: The Gangs of New York, Herbert Asbury.

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