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Smile your little smile, take some tea with me a while

Happy Easter, dear bunny_hugger, and thank you for another holiday with me.

Since this is posting on Easter Sunday, Eastern Time, let me just fill it up with pictures of our mammal pets, as photographed over the course of October 2020, when particularly our pet mouse was filled with vim and vigor.


Our rabbit caught by surprise that we lifted the nice cloth off the coffee table.


Still looking up, pondering. You can also see her cataract in her left eye.


Now here we just have a rabbit sprawled elegantly out under the coffee table.


She gives a thoughtful, albeit blind, eye up at me photographing all this.


More of our pet rabbit. Here, she ponders either jumping off the sofa or eating the blanket.


She gets off the sofa and shows off her foot some.


Sprawled out on the bunny rug.


And here's a picture of Fezziwig, hoping that we've got something exciting to share!


Our pet mouse hanging out beside his wheel and the plastic barn we call his Eating Hut. If he gets something particularly choice he'll often run off with it, and the Eating Hut is one of the spots he runs to.


Our mouse sitting up on top of the Eating Hut and looking fat. He's not; he's just of a breed that looks big.


Our mouse on top of a wooden tunnel that's good climbing. Note the cardboard packing crate that became his Brutalist City Hall home for most of his life.


Fezziwig pauses to groom on the roof of his Brutalist City Hall.

Trivia: The Apollo 4 Command Module, used for the unmanned flight test, was a Block I design that incorporated many Block II features, including the redesigned hatch that would make it possible for astronauts to escape a fire on the launchpad. Source: Chariots for Apollo, Courtney G Brooks, James M Grimwood, Loyd S Swenson Jr.

Currently Reading: Thurber: A Biography, Burton Bernstein.

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