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Doctor gave me these

Happy news! I got my pfirst Pfizer shot today. Full story to follow.

It was another week of building my humor blog around other people's stuff. Here's the recent offerings:

Now let me wrap up the Halloween 2020 walk around town.


A particularly fearsome Pac-Man-y spooky standee.


Couple of pumpkins on the upper porch of one of Lansing's fine brick houses. Not sure what the white tubes that look like non-functional gutters do for the house.


That well-decorated house in the full daylight.


A nice pumpkin-decorated porch.


And here's our own house, with the gravestones set out for the first time in years, and the autumn flag set up.


And our pumpkins, ready for the evening.


bunny_hugger carved a couple plastic pumpkins to give us reusable jack-o-lanterns. These are set with electric candles on timers so they light and turn off for the evening without our having to go up to the attic.


Our place by night. We set out an honor bin for candy in case trick-or-treaters came by, but they didn't.


And here's the house by night. There's no jack-o-lantern in the second upstairs window because there's no place to put a jack-o-lantern in that window.

Trivia: An article in the February 1895 Electrical Engineer announced the forming of the Nikola Tesla Company, with a capitalization of US$5,000. The sum seems absurdly low; Tesla later said that Edward Dean Adams, on the board of directors, alone invested $100,000. Source: Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World, Jill Jonnes.

Currently Reading: Thurber: A Biography, Burton Bernstein.

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