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Doubt they will, doubt they will

I was mistaken about the pedometer: we did take it home with us, in a bag that I hadn't packed or unpacked. We also got a couple of mugs, lovely ones with hand painting that bunny_hugger's parents don't feel they have the energy to hand-wash anymore. We're more energetic for now so accept that chore.

Now we come to Thanksgiving 2020, believe it or not. It was a small Thanksgiving, as they go, me and bunny_hugger and our animals and all that. It would matter still.


Sunshine has hay fever, which seems inefficient for a rabbit. The treatment? A bit of cough syrup, which she appreciates more than life itself. Here, she prepares for the morning dose.


There she is, enjoying the sweet nectar of children's Benadryl.


She really enjoys the shot.


With no more syrup to slurp up she turns to licking the syringe and chinning it in the hopes that we'll leave it all with her.


Spotted on my walk that day: Some large, heavy-looking box thing dangling across the power lines. Sure hope it's supposed to be there.


And spotting me on my walk: a deer!


Deer's last moments before deciding this is too much of me.


Oh, and here's our chimney, in pristine condition, before the first fire of the season. It looks so gorgeous emptied out like this.


The Halloween-themed jigsaw puzzle bunny_hugger finished just in time to start Thanksgiving. The board is a big one that her father made so she could easily relocate a jigsaw puzzle when we needed table space.


bunny_hugger lifting the puzzle as part of breaking it up. A well-made puzzle lifts almost like a carpet and it's stunning to see every time.


His Majesty, our traditional Thanksgiving plate.


Our relatively simple Thanksgiving spread, for just the two of us. We didn't have the time to quarantine for 14 days so we could spend the day with her parents.

Trivia: The ejector seats for the space shuttle's Approach and Landing Tests were Lockheed zero-zero ejection seats, modified A-12/SR-71 units. Source: Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System: The First 100 Missions, Dennis R Jenkins. (I assume the same model seats were used for Columbia's first several flights, but Jenkins does not explicitly say so.)

Currently Reading: The Ultimate Engineer: The Remarkable Life of NASA's Visionary Leader George M Low, Richard Jurek.

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