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Important news for anyone with a WordPress blog: Here's how to get rid of WordPress's Block Editor and get the good editor back. Instructions plus an explanation of how I learned the instructions, and also how close I came to walking away from my mathematics blog because WordPress's Block Editor is just that appalling.

Now on to lighthearted stuff. And still not up to 2021! No, in the last days of 2020 I did more walking around the neighborhood at night and photographing the results. Here's some of what I saw. Plus a bit from the daytime.


A reindeer sculpture set up outside Horrock's, the farmers market that's legitimately a place to take out-of-towners to, even if the complimentary coffee and popcorn is off for the pandemic. I remember being here without bunny_hugger but not why she didn't come along. Even before the pandemic going out to Horrock's is a bit of a treat.


Some of the neighborhood lights, including a fence line with lights that stayed up at least through March, as I remember.


A fascinating manor house in the neighborhood, built nearly a century ago. It looks fantastic and, mysteriously, has an attached three-car garage that also looks like it was built in the late 20s, somehow. The current owners decorate nicely for the holidays.


A less prominent house that's doing a lot with its porch.


I don't know that this house decided to make Patriot Christmas a thing but, all right. It's a good use of colors.


That tree looks like it's really annoying to decorate like this. I bet the lights get tangled up everywhere.


Not sure why but the tree lit by the snow's reflection makes a great foreground here.


House on the corner with a couple of more distant decorated houses peeking out.


And here's a yard getting filled up with decorations.


This is, I believe, that yard north and east of us that really over-filled the back yard.


If it's not the same people, it's people with the same desire to overstuff their decorations.


And a nice full front yard, too.


We couldn't get to Bronner's so things like this were something of a substitute.

Trivia: In 1920, Hudson's boasted of being the tallest department store in the world, with 25 floors, sixteen of which were used for selling. Source: Service and Style: How the American Department Store Fashioned the Middle Class, Jan Whitaker.

Currently Reading: This New Ocean: A History of Project Mercury, Loyd S Swenson Jr, James M Grimwood, Charles C Alexander. NASA SP-4201.

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