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Ten billion logic functions, maybe more

Another side item on the evening news was a concerned report from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, which is bothered by the slow rate of adoption of third-generation hand phones in the country. By their estimates, there are only about 47,700 `3G' phone users out of the approximately 4.16 million hand phone users in Singapore. So from this we learn I'm not just the only guy in Singapore with a beard, I'm also the only one not to have a hand phone.

Erwin Chan, Deputy Director of Mobility Development at the Infocomm Development Authority, doesn't see why adoption has been so slow given the highly competitive pricing scheme, which he mentioned were ``30 percent lower than GPRS rates,'' which I suppose is insightful to people who have any idea what a GPRS is.

The Infocomm Development Authority also recently sponsored a talk, that I missed, from Scott McNealy of Sun Computers, titled, ``Participation in the Age of Technology,'' or something like that. It was one of those phrases where you can transpose any of the nouns (``Technology in the Age of Participation'', ``Age in the Technology of Participation'') and still have something equally meaningful. You can also introduce new nouns and be about as well off (``Participation in the Frog of Technology''). In all I'm just glad Singapore has a government agency dedicated to keeping alive the text-based adventure game legacy of such triumphs as Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, because I never liked those games and don't want to be responsible for their upkeep.

On the exam, grading the defective question as best I can, the class average turns out to be just over 81, with standard deviation of 7. I'm inclined to leave the scores as they are.

Trivia: The largest average skin dosage of radiation on an Apollo mission was received by Apollo 14, at 1.14 rads. Source: Biomedical Results of Apollo, Richard S Johnston, Lawrence F Dietlein, Charles A Berry. NASA SP-368.

Currently Reading: A Few Acres of Snow, Robert Leckie.


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