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Slow change may pull us apart

Sorry to run late; unexpectedly through porsupah got the chance to watch that documentary on the Sparks brothers. Meantime, here's what all happened on my humor blog this past week:

Now I'll finish my trip to Old Town, and get back to walking around the Eastside a little.


Arctic Corner, the ice cream stand next to that plaque marking where the first house in Lansing was not. I didn't get any ice cream although I kind of regret that choice.


The train tracks have long been out of service --- they're torn up a couple dozen feet past the road here --- so I don't know why they weren't taken up and sold for scrap years ago. Also yeah, Odd Nodd Art Supply, that's what they call themselves.


Just another building in Old Town, although what caught my eye is that the date marker up top reads 1890 - 1924. I have no idea what it was when it was built or possibly rebuilt.


Back to my home turf! Here's that house off Kalamazoo Street with the pole decorations, all set for spring/early summer. Also you can tell that winter has passed because the sky is so bright blue that it's washed out in the photo, instead of being a dingy grey mist.


It's all just butterflies and flowers with some people, you know?


One more view of the pole and its seasonal decorations.

Trivia: Sir Charles Wheatsone's typewriters, built from around 1851 to 1855, had piano-style keyboards. Source: The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting, Darren Wershler-Henry.

Currently Reading: Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story, Leonie Swann.

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