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I'm hoping to move my mathematics blog back to two posts a week. Until then, though? Consider please:

Last time in my journal: What's this? At Logger's Run? Computer, enhance..

And now, the conclusion at Michigan's Adventure:


And there it is! The Logger's Run started running and looked just fine. on't know why it was dry for so much of the day, especially when it was a hot and warm day, but there we go.


Log flume that's splashed down. I thought I had gotten a picture with a nice big splash, but was mistaken.


Zach's Zoomer entrance, roped off, but with enough activity that we kept thinking it might open yet. Zach's Zoomer was built in 1994 and dates to when the park was family-owned; you can see in the queue space how they figured you'd never have to wait that long for it.


Camp Snoopy's entrance. It's just off of Zach's Zoomer, in the space that used to be Be-Bop Boulevard.


The Woodstock figures atop Cedar Point's Camp Snoopy hold lanterns. Michigan's Adventure, which doesn't open at nights, has almost no lighting and here the little Woodstocks (the Beagle Scouts) don't carry lanterns, though they're still posed for it. bunny_hugger pointed out there's no reason they couldn't have held flags or such.


Some of the scenery and new pavement for Camp Snoopy. A fair number of the trees are survivors of Be-Bop Boulevard.


Snoopy and some of the Beagle Scouts going over the falls, a figure that keeps dipping forward, and then reclining back. They have ones like this at Cedar Point and at Kings Island.


Looking back at the Camp Snoopy entrance, or exit here.


Camp Snoopy has awfully good seating. And banners with various characters and their achievements. Lucy: Canoe tipping. Charlie Brown: Attendance. Charlie Brown's about right, yeah.

Trivia: France's King Louis Philippe I snuck out of the royal palace in disguise minutes ahead of the crowd, the vanguard of the Revolution of 1848, arrived. He fled first to Le Havre and then England. Source: 1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe, Peter N Stearns.

Currently Reading: Lost Popeyes Zine, Sundays Supplement Number 2: 1940, Tom Sims, Bela Zaboly. Editor Stephanie Noell.

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