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A promotional flyer from Starhub Digital Cable promises a Launch Special -- enjoy the first three months subscription at a mere S$6.30 per month (that's around the cost of an upsized Big Mac meal, for reference) -- Karaoke TV. Slogan: ``OK! Let's all sing along!'' It's the OK that gets to me. This isn't a meager one channel, either; there's 12 channels. They offer: ``Latest Pop''1, ``Pop favourites'', ``Pop Male Singers'', ``Pop Female Singers'', ``Pop Groups/Duets'', ``Evergreen Favourites 1'', ``Evergreen Favourites 2'' for people who think the other channel totally sold out, ``Evergreen Male Singers'', ``Evergreen Female Singers'', ``Evergreen Duets'', which overall is more music than I ever thought would be provided by photosynthesis, ``English'', and ``Kids''. This could open new dimensions in ways to torment house guests.

And Singapore Post has started dropping off in mailboxes a ``Friday Mailbox Surprise,'' by which they mean an advertising flyer recommending all sorts of generalized postage-related concepts, like a discount offer for the Swiss Dream Circus, or forthcoming contests for trips to the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, or the Great Pyramids. There's also a sale on iDogs through the post office. I guess you could also get stamps.

1 Last week I mentioned Coke Light with Lime hadn't made it over here. Well, Monday, suddenly, there's posters all over of a Coke bottle sliced up, showing a lime within, and there's Coke (regular) with Lime in the drink kiosks and 7-Elevens. I should talk more about things I don't have.

Trivia: Bakelite was one promoted as a lacquer for brass bedsteads. Source: Life Science Library: Giant Molecules, Herman F Mark.

Currently Reading: Castlereagh, C J Bartlett.


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