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Washed in Woolite

Laundry kind of day. While Singapore is a first-world nation by most metrics -- potable water, median income, political stability, wireless Internet hotspots at McCafés and Starbucks -- laundry dryers are still a rarity, with most hanging their laundry out. Thus if you look closely at a picture of a modern, SimCity 2000-style High-Density Residential zones you'll see flagpoles covered in sweatpants poking out while their owners hope it won't rain. I have a covered niche for my washing machine, so I don't have to worry about any but the harshest storms re-soaking my clothes, but it gets direct sunlight only briefly and in early morning. So I never quite feel like my clothes are dried as well as they should be. I'd take tips for getting softer clothes despite indirect sunlight and erratic breezes.

So some work days, I start a load just before going to the office, and come back for lunch, and maybe get another load in before sunset. Today the trip home made a nice break between teaching in the morning and helping students who are trying their hardest to make a simple homework into something complicated. And midafternoon came the heavy rains, prompting floods nearby with swells of up to two meters on the shore. Doesn't seem to have re-soaked my clothes.

Also one of my students wanted to ask a question about her (planned) presentation. I wanted to give advice, but she spent so much time giving me context that I was left with no idea what question she was trying to ask; I think the problem is she found similar material presented two completely different ways and wanted to be told which was right. I recommended she present the approach she found more interesting, a stab in the dark but usually the right advice.

Trivia: Asteroid number 3524, discovered 2 March 1981 by S.J. Bus at Siding Spring, is named Schulz, after Charles M. Schulz. Source: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Lutz D. Schmadel.

Currently Reading: Indiscretions of Archie, P.G. Wodehouse.


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