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You didn't hear it

For a week that's felt like I hda no time to sit down and do anything, I ... got my humor blog posted with three pieces of new-written content. Can you find them within this list of recent postings?

Let's take in a little more of Cedar Point, after its bit massive afternoon rain of the day.


``Truce Day'' sign hung over the Frontier Trail, commemorating some kind of ongoing(?) but time-limited event that's part of their expanding the Western-themed areas of the park.


Vintage (style?) locomotive engine and then a big bird in front, of a kind I'm not sure.


Newly-affixed signs on the Frontier Trail's bathroom that seem to be connected to that Truce Day event. Not sure at all, but it's getting complicated.


The Antique Cars ride had this sign, that the ride was delayed due to weather. This was a hopeful sign to us, as we haven't seen this ride open in ages and worry that it's doomed to be removed. Cedar Point removed one of its two other car rides to make room for the ValRavn roller coaster, and the park is terribly land-hungry. It would make sense to take this path out, but it's hard to think what they could put in that would be worthwhile, which might be what saves it.


To get to the Antique Cars ride you have to walk over the bridge here, which does give you a nice space to pass through as you start your drive.


Part of Frontier Town, still rain-soaked. Why I took this picture in particular? Note that the nearest light is off, but all its sibling lights in the distance are on. (Check the reflections in the puddles.)

Trivia: Venice's first Basilica of St Mark was formally consecrated in 823 CE, four years after Doge Giustiniano Participazio ordered it built and three years after he died. Source: A History of Venice, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, Richard P Feynman. I'm enjoying re-reading some of the better pop-science/pop-mathematics books I have; it's been a while since I was reading stuff this substantial. I bet I go to comic books after this, though.

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