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I guess my new car is a real reality for real, now. They've mailed me the registration card, the insurance card, and even the tags for the license plate renewal. This year besides changing the color of the tag they've changed the typeface of the 'SEP' expiration date, switching from a heftier sans-serif to a fairly thin serifed face. Looks kind of sketchy, to me. I wonder if the Secretary of State office is pulling a fast one with this year's tags.

Also the credit union sent me a very thick letter that promised it was two pages, giving the details of just how much I owe and when it's owed. There are more than two pages. The extra pages are just rosters of the payment terms for various loan lengths and at different interest rates, although for a $20,000 loan, which is more than I got anyway. It also tells me exactly when my payments start (late October) and what day the monthly payment is due, although it doesn't actually say where I send the money. I suppose I'm expected to go to any of their branches, toss a pail of money in, and shout out my name or account number. It's also possible they will communicate payment details to me later.

And now I'm curious what payment methods I can use because, like, if I put this on my Discover card I get cash back. (I pay off my credit cards in full every month, because I'm able to.) There's even a quarter of the year when they give PayPal purchases 5% cash back. If I'm doing the arithmetic right, it sems like it's theoretically possible for me to get as much cash back from Discover as I'm spending on interest for the car loan, which would be gratifying at least. Probably it's impossible to work that. But still ... hm.

In my photos, getting near the end of the day here. Coming up on our last ride on Wicked Twister.


Commemorative sesquicentennial bricks, including ours, which we visited and touched for luck, and see how that worked out.


Looking at the Giant Wheel and at Wicked Twister, with a train on the forward tower again.


Getting into the sunset hours with clouds like that over in GateKeeper's direction.


The Celebration parade getting started, off behind some of the fencing. The signs are an imitation of the Cedar Point gate as bunny_hugger knew it from growing up.


Getting a view of the Giant Wheel backlit by the setting sun.


And Wicked Twister's station sign, illuminated and ready for night. Yes, I see some of the station lights weren't on.

Trivia: Among the (American) newsreel photojournalists of World War I who went on to become professional directors or cinematographers were Joseph von Sternberg, Hal Mohr, Victor Fleming, Ernest Schoedsack, Farciot Edouart, Wesley Ruggles, Ira Morgan, Gus Peterson, Larry Darmour, Fred Archer, Faxon Dean, Harry Thorpe, Al Kaufman, George Hill, and Eddie Snyder. Source: The American Newsreel, 1911 - 1967, Raymond Fielding.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1983 - 1984, Charles M Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

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