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Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce

In September the local Burger Kings offered a special, limited time value meal, the French Chicken sandwich. This was a slab of chicken fried with various spices, served with a mildly exotic cheese, and rather tasty. For october the limited-time value meal was ... the American Chicken sandwich. This is a slab of chicken fried with fewer slices, and with American cheese instead of a dairy-based product on top; it's not so tasty but it's acceptable enough. I just wonder what they're going to do for next month ... Canadian Chicken? Australian Chicken? Bird flu?

I picked up the second Tom and Jerry Spotlight Edition DVD, not out of an urgent need for new viewing material but mostly because if I didn't fill out the club-membership card by the end of the month it would expire and I'd lose a $25 discount. As it happens I ended up applying the discount to this purchase, which will leave me dizzy if I think too much about it. The three-minute introduction by Whoopi Goldberg apologizes at excessive length for the ethnic stereotyping in some cartoons, but they do seem to have restored the original Mammy Two-Shoes voice, Lillian Randolph.

Trivia: ``Puss Gets The Boot,'' in hindsight the first Tom and Jerry cartoon (they were Jasper and -- in production notes -- Jinx originally) was the first collaboration of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Source: of Mice and Magic, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: Science Fiction: The Best of 2002, Edited by Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber. I joke about being unable to read science fiction from authors who started writing after John W Campbell died, but this ... granted there's merit in the stories, but the first 90 pages are all about people who're uploaded or partly uploaded or else can only talk in that ``posthuman'' style where anyone will begin rambling about paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde without warning or provocation, and never give any hint of having at some point in their lives accidentally smiled at anything except in disdain. I think I could take it better if the stories were better spaced out.


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