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Makes you feel like you want to

If I weren't fat, I'd be in good shape. That may seem like a truism, but this year's medical screening mostly repeated every year's verdict. I've got too much fat on me. This surprises people who know me from the Internet; apparently I type like a much leaner person.

But I'm overweight according to my Body Mass Index; they showed me the official charts, but explained several times their cutoff ranges for underweight/healthy range/overweight/obese were based on Asian physiques, and I'm Caucasian. I know the cutoffs are different, but not that different. I'm also overweight by my body fat percentage, which I'd never before measured; this was my first experience with that cool gadget you just hold between both hands at arm's length. That's amazing, just holding a discount Autobot Matrix of Leadership for a half minute and getting a medical data point. Also I'm overweight according to the fat on me.

Other than that, I'm in good shape, with a great resting pulse rate, cholesterol level, and blood glucose; no traces of glucose or protein in my urine; and just acceptable a waist-to-hip ratio. I got the vague sense they were annoyed my fat didn't bring any further health risks, based on how often they reminded me of what being overweight can lead to.

The one anomaly, and I think it was just anomaly, was my blood pressure was high. Not dangerously, mind, but every time I've donated blood they reported my blood pressure and it was always in the normal range. They asked if I maybe didn't get enough sleep the previous night -- I didn't -- and if I were under stress lately. I started to say no, when I remembered: the textbook. The department closing. I don't know who I'll be working for in two months, or if I'll be working at all two months after that. The most natural reaction is to be quite stressed. But I don't feel stressed. Is it possible that underneath my tranquil demeanor is someone living a much more worried life?

Trivia: Cholesterol, discovered in 1831 by Michel-Eugène Chevruel, was originally named cholesterin, from the Greek for ``solid bile'' (Chevruel's guess what it was). Source: ``All Gaul,'' The Planet That Wasn't, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: Squaring the Circle and other Monographs, EW Hobson, HP Hudson, AN Singh, AB Kempe.


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