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And despite it maybe being out of character for me, I went to a movie this weekend. Specifically, I went to Sky High, mostly on the strength of friends' recommendations. I've had a pretty shake track record with friends' recommendations in the past, but this one turned out pretty well, even if the movie kept giving me a Phil of the Future vibe.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with it. The movie gave two solid red herrings and one flaky one for who the Arch Villain would be, so I didn't call it too far ahead of where the movie wanted. However, I really liked the stuff that was just ``superhero high school'' enough that I was kind of hoping they wouldn't get around to the supervillain plot. I suppose if the story is Triumph of the Underdogs, there has to be a day substantially in danger for the underdogs to save; now that it's not the 80s anymore you can't get away with a low-key sort of Underdog Superiority plot. I'm also not clear why the Villain needed to capture the MacGuffin Ray Gun, given the nature of Villain's powers and the time available to the plotting, but perhaps this was just one more of those cases of the desire for supervillain drama overwhelming supervillain sense. Some part of me was pleased they were able to give the girl who turns into a purple guinea pig some dignity, since I like guinea pigs and they don't get much respect. Also, nobody who has the same superpower as Triplicate Girl should sit at the Cool Table, whether she's a cheerleader or not. The bus driver distracted me more than he should have because I kept thinking how much Jonathan Winters should have played that part.

One curious thing came about mid-movie. Movies in Singapore come with Chinese subtitles, since so much of the population is Chinese. Well, a bit after mid-movie there's a scene in a Chinese restaurant, and the owners shout at their waiter in Chinese, and he shouts back. This exchange was not subtitled in Chinese -- nor in English. But a good fraction of the audience laughed at the Chinese dialogue. I'm curious what exactly they did say, and if it were a logical thing to laugh at. Usually when I don't get a joke I just don't notice it; this was an odd case of knowing there was one, but nothing more about it.

Trivia: Mercury spacecraft 18, for Scott Carpenter's Mercury-Atlas 7 orbital mission, was delivered to Cape Canaveral 15 November 1961. Source: Project Mercury: A Chronology, James M Grimwood, NASA SP-4001.

Currently Reading: Squaring the Circle and other Monographs, EW Hobson, HP Hudson, AN Singh, AB Kempe.


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