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One of the local upcoming events making the occasional appearance in the human-interest segment of the evening news lately has been the Singapore, ahm, Sexpo. That's about what you think: a weekend at the Expo centre dedicated to sexual education. Given Singapore's declining birth rates -- last year, I believe, out of a population of around four million, there were very nearly eight births -- this seems to suggest trying to serve several roles. Parts of the exhibit -- in, according to the news, the Living Room section -- are about cultural views of sex, information about safe sex, sex after 40, and such. This is the ``Living Room'' because it's regarded as suitable for all ages.

There also is to be the ``Bedroom'', restricted to people over the age of 21. That's to include -- I'm quoting here from The New Paper -- ``displays of erotic toys and furniture'', as well as ``a sales section selling women's products and lingerie.'' However, they're not going to let things get out of hand. According to The New Paper several items have been banned as (quoting the paper) ``too hot to be regarded as sex toys.'' Doctors connected with the show but speaking anonymously also gave rather entertaining quotes like, ``This is very silly. The pins would probably cause more pain than pleasure'' or ``That's downright dangerous. People can get electrocuted.''

Kenny Goh, director of a medical diagnostics company staging the exhibition, says he doesn't mind things being banned like this, since ``We're concerned about the safety aspects of the novelty toys. So we wanted some guidelines for those. But our main focus is on sexual health and a Chinese Ancient Sex Culture exhibit for which we have over 100 pieces.'' I must admit being torn between fascination and the knowledge that I'd never stop giggling, which shows the level of maturity I've reached already.

Trivia: On 12 June 1979 Ken St Onge threw a standard playing card 185 feet, one inch, on the Henry Ford Community College campus in Dearborn, MIchigan. Source: 1982 Guinness Book of World Records, Editor Norris McWhirter.

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