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It's eight o'clock and the dawn's arrived

After a late start -- more departmental obligations I'll spare you all -- we chose to venture down to Orchard Road, the main downtown shopping district and inspiration for approximately 35 percent of my Livejournal posts. The road is rather well-decorated for Christmas, with strands of lights hung from the many trees to imitate icicles, and strands across the road itself with seasonal greetings and music notes drawn across the lighted staves. I was curious whether they might be a real tune -- the notes are different on each banner, and the street is a one-way road there so that a clear order could be discerned -- but I'm not good enough at reading music to go directly from notes to tune without an instrument in the way.

But these sorts of trips are always good for finding odd things; for example, the Centrepoint Mall has teamed up with the M&M people to produce a Christmas that Melts in your Mouth, Not In Your Hand. By this they mean they put an M&M carousel in the common area. By this they mean they just put a little carousel ride there, and surrounded it with green carpet and a few M&M figures, and wait for kids to buy tickets to ride. In our time there we saw it running once, with two children on board. The carousel ran British-style, clockwise as viewed from above. There was a live interactive show featuring living M's, but it ran last week and we missed it entirely.

But it all balances out since last weekend we did catch a Powerpuff Girls show at Choa Chu Kang. Actually, we tried to avoid it, since we're past the age where we want to see men in poofy young-girl costumes, but it was such a loud affair consisting mostly of the verse ``I wanna be a win-ner'' repeated one billion times at approximately 2,038 dB, which is enough audio power to be heard, from a speaker on the first floor dead center of the mall, out to Barnard's Star, that we couldn't avoid hearing the show. I believe they wanted to be winners.

Trivia: In 1837 England apprentice fees to become a civil engineer ranged between £150 and £400. Source: The Pencil, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Pogo Romances Recaptured, Walt Kelly.


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