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I know a man, his name is Lang

That turned out to be a surprise; after more or less normal sleeping the first two days back, today I ended up sleeping far, far into the afternoon. That seems to be my new method of handing jet lag, one or two normal days and then a crash, since I did that on the trip home as well. No harm done what with it being a holiday and all, but it does mean this is the first time I've slept through the Times Square ball drop since I was maybe five or six -- I don't remember when I first saw it.

But I did get out to the Mos Burger at which I'd seen the fascinating sign, that their operating hours were until 11 pm for Sunday through Thursday and public holidays; but to 11:30 pm for Friday, Saturday, and eves of public holidays. Since today's the new year and tomorrow's also a holiday for the observance of it, this seemed a good chance to find out exactly how they handle the problem of a day which fits into both categories. So I asked the cashier, and then had to ask again to explain why I had the idea about these particular hours, and she considered it and announced that tomorrow is not a public holiday, so they were open the normal Sunday hours. That disagrees with what my calendar and Channel 5's schedule listings say, but perhaps she's not on the closing shift and didn't want to deal with what is a pretty fussy question. I enjoyed the MOS cheeseburger, with apple pie nuggets as dessert.

Trivia: Isaac Asimov harbored a lifelong grudge against Pfizer's due to a bungled job interview. Source: In Memory Yet Green, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: Mind Partner and 8 Other Novelets From Galaxy, Horace Gold, Editor. From the past-is-a-foreign-country department: in Neal Barrett Jr's ``The Stentorii Luggage'' the Hotel Intergalactica owner's nephew makes the innocent mistake of getting his menus mixed and serving ``scrambled eggs to five hundred visiting Vegans.'' That's awkward for a different reason, as in this case the Vegans are people from Vega, who in this story are evolved chickens. The idea that alien avians would find eating eggs to be cannibalism is a curiously popular one; the one proven case of evolved mammals don't mind eating other mammals of all sorts of ages. But I'd reject a plate of scrambled monkeys for many reasons.


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