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Then who will be your face?

I am currently possessed of the extremely strong conviction that I own an adjustable wrench. However, I am not currently in possession of a wrench. That's admittedly an odd thing even for me to say.

The reason I have the feeling that I have a wrench is that a while back I changed the shower head in one of my bathrooms. I'm sure I used this wrench tighten the fit the hose had to the heater and the new shower head, although a few weeks later I realized I hooked the hose up backwards -- heater end to the shower head and shower end to the heater -- and that was why it was leaking incessantly.

The reason I don't believe I have an adjustable wrench is that I was looking for it to fix a broken camera tripod, and exhausted all the logical places. I may look disorganized, but everything is put in a logical-at-the-time place, so my apartment is all pockets of local order.

The trouble with the tripod is one of the extendable leg segments was wedged inside the next segment. The only point it could be grabbed at was the ball at the end of the leg, and it seemed getting some leverage there might let me pull the leg out. That was a successful theory, though I got my leverage instead by fitting the end of the tripod between a door frame and the door.

And now the tripod works, so I can enjoy dramatic night pictures like a six-second exposure of my courtyard by night, or try my hand at photographing the stars for fifteen seconds at a time. It's a rather nice tripod, distractingly lightweight, and with a couple spirit levels so I can see how out of true my camera is. It's just left me with the feeling that I own an adjustable wrench, without the actual adjustable wrench.

Trivia: DuPont's 1906 research budget was approximately US$300,000 for the year. Source: Life Science Laboratory: Giant Molecules, Herman F Mark.

Currently Reading: In Search of Planet Vulcan: The Ghost in Newton's Clockwork Universe, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.


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