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The stores have been getting ready, partly for Hari Raya next week, but mostly for the really big holiday of the Chinese New Year. Already in the grocery store I go to there's enough red bunting and posters and all that visibility is down to nearly zero. They've also begun overloading on exotic gifts, such as a lucky tower, which appears to be several rows of some kind of plant arranged to vaguely resemble the Tower of Progress from the Civilization III opening movie.

That's not the weird thing, though. The weird thing, and the name alone fascinates me, is called ``Triko the Pudding Dog.'' It's about the size of a small basketball, with bulbous transparent eyes, and what looks like a piggy bank slot on the top. It comes empty, with no packets of pudding or anything. There might be an explanation in the instructions, but the instructions are entirely in Chinese, so I have no chance of ever knowing what they are. Still, ``Triko the Pudding Dog.'' There must be some other use for something with a name like that.

And as part of Singapore's effort to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for everything: Temasek Polytechnic's Dr William Tan, a paralympic wheelchair athlete, finished 24 hours pedalling on a hand bike. His distance of 264 kilometers covered in 24 hours is rather short of the current world record of 466 kilometers, but they'll appeal for a new entry because the old record was set on a road track, while Tan's was set on a tartan track. I don't know the difference between them; I'm just repeating what the news said.

Trivia: Catherine of Aragon, one-time queen to English King Henry VIII, died on 7 January 1536. Henry and Queen Anne celebrated, dressing in yellow, and holding a royal banquet with dancing and jousting. Source: 365: Your Date with History, WB Marsh, Bruce Carrick.

Currently Reading: In Search of Planet Vulcan: The Ghost in Newton's Clockwork Universe, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.


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