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And I could slice time like a knife

Fresh off last week's problems I finally got around to what's wrong with my camera. It's picked up the irritating habit, when I change the battery, of losing all settings -- date and time (particularly irritating for a person who won't wear a watch), ISO setting, white balance and everything else I might fiddle with except, curiously, the sleep timer -- which brings a good photography session like at the zoo to a screeching halt. After some time poking around web sites for help I determined that the web designers for Olympus should be taken out into the street and shot. They didn't have my problem listed -- fair enough -- but every single page I went to in trying to look got into some infinite Javascript loop that locked up the web browser until it asked permission to halt. Happily the pages work fine with Javascript turned off, but honestly, where are their heads?

Anyway, I found the support e-mail and asked; they sent an e-mail with instructions to mail it back for servicing (and cleaning, calibrating, and software updates). This inspired me to think there might be a service centre in Singapore, and it turns out there is, not far off of Funan the IT Mall. Unfortunately, their web site just plain didn't work at all, so I'm checking with the US branch whether the Singapore branch can help. Probably I'll just call them (Singapore) tomorrow.

As another civil defence exercise simulated two car bombs set off in Serangoon's (northeastern suburbs) Garden Circus's Chomp Chomp Food Centre (a hawker centre), and a bomb in a mysterious package at Bedok North (eastern suburbs). Residents were generally in favor of the exercises, but criticized their lack of authenticity -- particularly, several thought warning several days ahead of time with the exact date, time, and location cost the experience needed authenticity. Roads to Chomp Chomp Food Centre were also closed several hours before the event.

I'm just torn on the Chomp Chomp Food Centre. On the one hand it's certainly a name suggesting personality, not just the marketing department assembling words with vaguely positive connotations, like ``Experience Star One Food Centre''. On the other hand it suggests a personality which finds ``Chomp Chomp'' an amusing name for a food centre.

Unrelated to this is that over the weekend Harbourfront's Seah Im Food Centre was closed for ``Spring Cleaning.''

Trivia: The Revernd Nevil Maskelyne's expedition for the Royal Society to Saint Helena to observe the Venus Transit of 1761 ran up expenditures of approximately £292, of which approximately £ 141 was spent on his liquor supply. Source: Measuring the Universe, Kitty Ferguson.

Currently Reading: Realware, Rudy Rucker.


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