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Sad news from the Zoo; one of the chimpanzees died when she escaped her cage, was shot with tranquilizer darts, and fell into the Upper Seletar Reservoir. Bleah.

Tomorrow's a public holiday. That means, as always, insanely selected movies on the local channels. Among the programming options airing on English-language stations Channel 5, Channel i, and Arts Central this Good Friday: Highlander 2, of course. The Chipmunk Adventure airs for all who missed Cartoon Network's 4,268 airings so far this year (they air it so much you'd think it was The Land Before Time). Anti-Trust shows us Illgay Atesbay of computer giant Icrosoftmay daily orders scores of teenagers murdered. A Season For Miracles was apparently scheduled by somebody who confused Lent with Advent. I've made the same mistake. Advent is the one with four Sundays. Luck of the Irish and Miracle in Lane 2 make a special ``not even trying to get you to watch'' Wonderful World Of Disney mini-marathon. Delirious helps us remember John Candy, but not for his movies. The Neverending Story 2: The Next Chapter I might actually watch, since it looks goofy but bright and cheery, and I like the bird puppet in the commercials. Singing In The Rain I've never seen the whole way through but would like to.

I may watch the Vasantham Central for a while, since Bollywood movies are often fascinating, if for no other reason than because startlingly many contain my Indian twin, usually in vaguely menacing or comic roles. But they're hard as, even with subtitles, they take a lot more attention than English-language TV to watch. A wonderful Indian family I used to board with told me audiences there are getting bored with the Bollywood excess that makes them kind of trendy in North America, too. Too many overproduced dance numbers drain the plot and coherence away.

Trivia: The Keryneian stag -- capture of which was one of the labors of Hercules -- had brass hooves and antlers of gold. Source: Who's Who In Mythology: A Classic Guide to The Ancient World, Alexander S. Murray.

Currently Reading: Innocents Abroad, Mark Twain.


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