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On my way to where the air is sweet

I found the location of a new hobby shop -- or, well, a new branch of an existing hobby shop -- today, and I was glad for that even if they didn't have anything that particularly interested me. They had the Bandai starship Voyager kit, one of those pre-painted things ready to be fitted together, but I just like Original Series stuff better. At what the Bandai kit costs I won't be buying that for a whim.

They did have room for about 24 billion different car models. I've never understood building model cars, not even slightly; even the most interesting is, to me, just a car, and the variations between (say) a 2005 Saturn and a 1996 Taurus just don't intrigue me even as trivia. I don't care for the endless Gundam kits or battleships of the second World War either, but at least I understand what might be fun about building them.

They also had those collectible random-content boxes, some were for anime things. Some were miniature board game sets -- I'm curious if they're actually playable travel-size games, or if they're moulded in place to represent games partly completed. And there was a line of Sesame Street figures, although I didn't pick one up due to the ever-present risk of getting an Elmo by mistake.

Outside, in the storm, a guy playing guitar on the streets did turn to singing ``Raindrops keep falling on my head.'' An extremely long edition of the song. And a bookstore there was advertising for new hires, with the notes that they weren't hiring students, and that it was a ``Female work environment.'' I'm curious what that would even mean, but I don't suppose I could find out.

Trivia: The Apollo 14 Lunar Module descent engine had about 68 more seconds of firing time available when it touched down. Source: Apollo By The Numbers, Richard W Orloff, NASA SP-4029.

Currently Reading: Space Skimmer, David Gerrold. Squat tough guy goes looking up what happened to the interstellar empire that just vanished 400 years earlier, and discovers a super-starship, then gathers an oddball bunch of people to determine the problem is a shortage of love. Very Gerrold, very early 1970s.


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