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And you can tell me if you think I'm getting better on the drums

I went in for one of my irregular health screenings today. This was just a little thing, where they sent out e-mails for people to make appointments, and they sent out e-mails with inaccurate directions. I didn't eat or drink anything from last night, on the theory that since they'd be doing blood tests they'd want us to fast; this was not something they warned about in the original note or confirmation e-mails, and one person was turned away at the desk because he had foolishly eaten breakfast.

I signed up for the ``Executive'' suite of tests, which will include screenings of my thyroid and something about bone sedimentation and such. I'd have kept better track of what exactly I was getting except they put the posters explaining the different tests available on the wall behind the chairs where you filled out your information cards, so there was a lot of twisting around if you wanted to follow it. It was just easier to sign up and let them take the blood sample, and in a few weeks I'll get a report back. In the meantime I think you can count on this encouraging me to walk up to my office instead of using the elevator for, oh, a good week, maybe week and a half.

This month's endurance contest at Ngee Ann City has put radio DJ's in a booth with the challenge to stay silent as long as they're able, up to 70 hours. People can stare at them through the plastic tent sides, and there are various challenges to make staying silent more of a challenge, like making them stick their hands in a box full of live worms. They can write notes on a whiteboard, but there are spotters going with them on bathroom breaks and the like to make sure they aren't making noise. Prize money will go to charity, although really isn't the true prize three days of radio DJ silence?

Trivia: Alfred Lothar Wegener -- proposer of the modern theory of continental drift -- and his brother Kurt held for a while the world record for endurance in a hot air balloon, at 56 hours. Source: Krakatoa: The Day The World Exploded, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: The Light of Lilith, G McDonald Wallis.


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