austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Too hot to hoot

I think my new department is trying to kill me. It's an unintentional thing, of course; what happened was I went to a seminar, and the guy speaking was really, really sick. As in hacking and coughing and sneezing several times a sentence. And he'd been sick for a month. I understand the need to carry on with your responsibilities despite illness, but somewhere around the third week I'd, you know, see a doctor. I don't have evidence that he actually infected me, but I have got a mild cold and slightly more severe dehydration, and going right into my class days. Naturally.

I'd gotten the DVD sets of the first two seasons of The Bob Newhart Show. For a while I was taking it one episode per day, to savor the experience, but yesterday I had the thought to just play one more episode ... and when that was done to play just one more ... and one more ... and, well, now I've watched 18 episodes in two days. It's hard to stay restrained when the option is somebody who can be riotously funny just by blinking, shrugging a little, and saying, ``No.'' At least I've got the second season to linger over.

Police and Thief has got its new season started. Next week appears to be the School Play episode; the advertisements suggest the theme is going to begin on Romeo and Juliet, and in some way involve kids in cardboard costumes with Autobot and Decepticon logos on their chests. This would be a take on the play I haven't seen before, but that has promise. And I could swear the entertainment news bit said one Singapore Idol contestant had a day job of ``street eyebrow plucker''. I don't see how that could be, but I also can't think of what it might have really been that I misheard it like that.

Trivia: Giovanni Domenico Cassini's names for the moons of Jupiter, used in the tables he published in 1668, were Pallas, Juno, Themis, and Ceres. Source: In Search of Planet Vulcan, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Fury, Henry Kuttner. Wow. It's from back in the days when five years could be covered in a sentence and not feel like it was skipping. Also includes an introductory essay from C L Moore where she describes their writing process and how she recognizes her parts (which in this book wasn't much).


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