austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Feeling better already; I'm staying in tonight

Olympus called to report my camera was ready, about 3 pm yesterday. Also about 9 am today. And again another six hours later. I better get it in a hurry or they'll break into my house to deliver it to me. I appreciate their eagerness to see me again -- apart from my students there aren't many people around here who specifically want my presence, though most people don't mind me -- but this is getting to be a bit much. My mother doesn't want to see me this eagerly.

I am feeling considerably better, though; I took an extra nap in the evening and slept as long as was consistent with getting to class today and getting some notes for next week's classes prepared, and chomped on Febs, and I'm not coughing, don't seem to have a fever (I lost my digital thermometer, though), and my main symptom right now is my head feels like its orientation is about three paces behind the rest of my body.

I hope I'm feeling better still tomorrow, since I'd signed up for a bunch of the programs offered by the Centre for ... uh ... I forget the name, but the thing focused on making people better teachers, where they come to notice me because I'm in that small slice of the faculty that takes the chance to learn stuff, and because I'm the most noticeable guy in Singapore. I don't remember what I signed up for, but I know one of the programs I registered for was a panel on creating cartoons either by actual drawing or clip art reuse in the desperate hope that this will engage students. I've never found a cartoon used in a lecture slide the slightest bit entertaining, but I have pretty stiff standards for comedy and I prefer traditional style lectures, but perhaps someone who actually knows how to be funny could do something more useful with them.

Trivia: In 1850 John and Jacob Brett, having permission to lay a telegraph cable from England to France, found the spool of copper wire they laid so light they had to attach thirty-pound weights to it to make it sink. The cable operated for one day before it was pulled up by a fisherman's anchor, and cut open by the fisherman, who thought the copper core might be gold. Source: A Thread Across the Ocean, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Jargoon Pard, Andre Norton.


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