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Every picture tells a story

As mentioned, Olympus was calling me a lot, so I made the trek down to their center. They recognized me and what I wanted on my entrance but asked me to take a queue number anyway. I did, and got 45, and they invited me over to the desk without advancing the Now Serving tote board. The clerk apologized for all the trouble and asked if I had my original work order, which I did, and she brought out my camera.

It felt lighter than it used to, although they'd warned me they might have to replace the motherboard; besides, I'm used to its feel with batteries in, but even when I put my batteries in it still felt a touch light. Maybe they did replace it. They gave me the old zoom lever and the part of the camera it was attached to, as a neat souvenir. And they didn't charge any extra for the motherboard or internal battery or whatever it was they did the past week; it came to just S$93.45 still.

A woman came in after me and took a queue number, necessarily 46, without being prompted; but the other clerk couldn't get her to come up because that number wasn't on the board. The clerk advanced the number; the customer didn't respond. The clerk advanced again, and then finally asked the woman what her number was, and advanced the tote board to 46.

I tested my camera right away, but it lost the date and time setting. The clerk called somebody on the phone, checked, and explained to me the internal battery needed around 45 minutes to build up enough charge to save its settings; would I like to wait or take it home and see how it was after some time with batteries in? I chose to risk taking it home and seeing what it was like in the evening (it'd be under warranty anyway), and I'm happy to say this worked, and it's behaving.

Now, since I'd inexplicably never taken the chance to do it the past month, I'm just recharging the external batteries.

Trivia: Until 1880 United States law required a physical model showing off the invention or innovation be included with a patent application. Source: Small Things Considered, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Godbody, Theodore Sturgeon.


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