austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Dancing in the dark

A few months ago one of the fluorescent bulbs in my living room burned out. I got around pretty slowly to the process of fixing it because. I felt that it was something I just had to call the maintenance office for, but since waiting for an appointment can take up unpredictable chunks of the day I wanted to wait for time when I didn't have company or more urgent tasks or anything, and besides, with the other light things weren't that dark.

It turns out the maintenance office feels that it's not their job to replace light bulbs, which they might've said somewhere in the documentation on the apartment, but anyway. I got up on a chair and reached high enough -- the ceilings are pretty tall -- to pop off the cover, which turns out to be one held in place by contact rather than by a screw thread, and had the fun of unplugging the circular light and pulling it past the three metal posts which held it in place by pressure. Around that I started to procrastinate the job of fixing it, since I wasn't sure where to buy another of the same diameter or what its diameter was and I was really not looking forward to squeezing glass against metal to put the new one in. And, besides, with the other light it isn't that dark.

Yesterday, the other light went out. Now I'm just going to have to do something about it. I can still see somewhat thanks to the light in the dining room alcove, but it's nowhere near enough. Plus given that the two bulbs were probably changed together when the apartment was renovated before I occupied it, that would probably suggest the dining room light is about to burn out too. Also something in here made a quiet but unmistakable ``beep'', and while I can't figure out what and it didn't sound particularly ominous, it is a noise I've never heard anything here make before.

Trivia: The second round of Peanuts figures, with nodding heads, was made in 1959 by the Lego Company (Germany). Source: Peanuts: The Art of Charles Schulz, Chip Kidd, Editor.

Currently Reading: New Jersey in the American Revolution, Barbara J Mitnick, Editor. I've got the disconcerting feeling that I may have had her as professor for one of the history courses I had to take as an undergraduate, but I'm just not sure.


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