austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

She is gone but the joke's the same

Outside a movie theater I spotted a poster: ``Celebrate Valentine's Day'' with The Pink Panther, the movie, which opened the 16th here. But it had a special deal. ``Surprise your loved ones with a Pink Panther combo set and you'll get this exclusive Pink Panther notebook for free. Every pair of Pink Panther tickets purchased also gets you a Tommy True Star Gold Fragrance vial and a chance to win exclusive Pink Panther hampers!'' I've got to suppose that ``hamper'' means something different from what I think it does, but I can't figure out what.

SATA, the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association, was holding health screenings in their health van, just outside the Causeway Point mall. The van was parked in the ``Smoking Area''. Well, no sense holding it where you aren't going to find anything, after all.

``Snuck'' is not in the Livejournal spelling dictionary. I don't know how they think we're supposed to have sneaked around. Neither is ``ljuser'', which you'd think they would find useful. ``Snuck'' is in Apple's dictionary, but ``ljuser'' and ``Livejournal'' are not.

Somewhere between my wireless router and Airport card my computer's taken to hanging up its Internet connection at surprise random moments tonight. Turning Airport off and on again seems to clear it, for a while, anyway, but this is getting mighty old mighty fast.

Trivia: Richard Lovell Edgeworth, 1744-1817, spent months building a huge hollow wheel, containing a barrel, which a person inside could push forward to produce movement. It was lost when some boys launched it down a slope toward a chalk pit. Source: The Lunar Men, Jenny Uglow.

Currently Reading: Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, by Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.


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