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And we could curse in fluent kangaroo

I may as well fill up a little more space, this time with zoo pictures. I apologize for some of the color artifacts; I did something nonlinear to the light sensitivity on my digital camera and all sorts of bizarre effects come out of it.

This is the kangaroo that'd made a break for it though pushed back inside from the double gate. Though she didn't get out again that I saw, she did keep poking around and keep searching for a break. I mentioned the would-be escaping kangaroo was fed by someone who ignored the warning signs; this is an example of the sign in the enclosure warning of death and doom to any fed kangaroos. Note it also upsets Mister Sun.

Those kangaroos not interested in escape enjoyed fresh rain-water -- there'd been a downpour or resorted to the usual pastime of just hanging around in the sand in groups of various size. It must be noted kangaroos have a real talent for looking comfortable. Even the raccoons have trouble looking quite as relaxed at times.

There's more to the Zoo -- more to just that trip, in fact -- but it'll keep. All I have to talk about from today is photographing the Dover MRT station and getting It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, Snoopy, collecting the 1995 run of Peanuts.

Trivia: In 1950 it was believed molybdenum was of no biochemical importance. In 1960 it was understood to be part of the enzyme xanthine dehydrogenase and thus essential. Source: ``The Sound of Panting,'' essay reprinted in Marvels of Science, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: Roughing It, Mark Twain.


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