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You'd better get started, now's the time

When I got my (US) credit card and debit card and online banking all hooked up together years ago, I thought it was pretty ridiculous that I had to have the system issue an electronic check to be sent from my checking account to the same bank to be put into my credit card account and pay down the bill, but I didn't see any other way of doing it. Last night, it finally occurred to me that, indeed, it was ridiculous, and that the ``Account Transfer'' menu option, right above the ``Pay Bills'' one, might just be used to transfer money from the checking account to the credit card account quicker. It only took me three years to figure that out. It's amazing they let me drive and teach people.

And I finally found my new debit card. I'd gotten it while I was home for Christmas, but failed to call to get it activated then, and couldn't find it my luggage afterward. Searches by my parents didn't find it back home, and things were getting a bit urgent since the old card expires at the end of February. But I searched through the books I brought back this morning, and found it tucked in the inside cover of one.

I called and got it activated. The only catch is the expiration date for this card is the end of March, 2006. They explained that was because they're replacing their debit cards with ones that have radio frequency identification tags in them, for ``tap and go'' service. This card expiring in a month was one with the RFID doohickey to use until the permanent card with an RFID thingy inside could be sent, sometime this month or next. That explanation makes sense for precisely as long as you don't listen to it.

Trivia: An edited TV episode of I Love Lucy was produced for radio 27 February 1952, though it was never broadcast. Source: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, John Dunning.

Currently Reading: Planets and Perception: Telescopic Views and Interpretations, 1609-1909, William Sheehan. All about visual astronomy and how people can completely misunderstand what they see, or fail to see what's obvious after the fact. You don't see a lot about the psychology of scientific discovery.


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