austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

I realize I'm living in the Stone Age

I spotted while walking around a woman who had a fairly unusual belt buckle. It had roughly the dimensions of a paperback book, posed so the horizontal direction was longer, and it was a scrolling dot matrix display panel. As she walked it read out what seemed to me, near as I could tell without staring at her belt, just random words and the occasional heart symbol. Thus does another portion of the monomolecule-thin polymerized cellulose film separating Singapore from a science fiction movie take another body blow. I don't know just what will finally shatter the difference between the two, but I imagine that an iPod will be involved.

Disney's advertising a new Lilo and Stitch The Cartoon Series guest-starring Kim Possible. Between this crossover and the Recess crossover episode Stitch seems to be in danger of encroaching on the Munchiverse, but I'm sure it will all sort itself out somewhere.

Trivia: The first glass produced by the Corning Glass Works was flint glass, made of silica, lead oxide, and potash, intended towards the market for light bulbs and railway lanterns. Source: Why Things Break, Mark E Eberhart.

Currently Reading: Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, February 2006, Sheila Williams, Editor. In the classified ads I spotted: How To Assassinate the American President -- A Book Of Politically Incorrect Humor. Inside -> 720 Unique, Odd, Unusual, Humorous ways to become an assassin. #92 Let the president be the first president to do a space walk. Be sure to cut his safety-line, and watch him drift away into the history books.

Putting aside my belief that people generally describe their humor as ``politically incorrect'' because they're too embarrassed or oblivious to call it ``unfunny'': Number 92 there fails utterly to be humorous. I grant there are funny jokes about ways to murder a person, but this starts with a weak idea and presents it in a clumsy way. I wonder why it was chosen for the advertisement. Was it seen as the funniest of the lot? Or was it simply the one which fit into the space they'd bought? If the latter, maybe they should have paid for the extra column inches to present one that could evoke a giggle.


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