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Just a dream from yesterday

Singapore Post sent a slip that I have a package waiting for me. My parents were sending a bunch of stuff, I know not what exactly; they figured I'd find out when I got it. I'm going to guess it contains my new United Airlines Premier Executive Et Cetera card, and about 95,307 offers to refinance my student loan. Tomorrow, barring a sudden crunch on my time -- and what are the odds of that? -- I'll head down to the regional post office and pick it up.

Singapore Post also sent -- to me, and to everyone -- the monthly ``Friday Mailbox Surprises'' newsletter, which quirks eyebrows just at the arrival date, and we barely even get to the monthly Friday. You'd think they could just deliver it exactly the day they wanted, if anyone could. The flyer offers free limited edition ``Citigems Bennetto pendants'', which look like keychains; discounts on diamond rings and earrings; discounts on ``Rejuvenation'' slimming or skin-tightening creams and treatments which seem to involve pictures of normal women in bikinis adjacent to pictures of thinner women wearing the same bikinis; and advertisements for a new Chinese-language ``interactive drama'' coming to Channel 8 in which the audience will get to pick the ending, whether of the show or the season I don't know. I believe Singapore Post also sells stamps.

Jack Wild, who played Jimmy on H R Pufnstuf, and had some other roles that don't have nearly the child-of-the-70s nostalgia, has died of oral cancer. Well, blast.

Trivia: In 1827 mathematical physicist William Rowan Hamilton was unanimously elected to a professorship at Trinity College. At the time Hamilton was 22 years old, had not yet graduated, and he had not applied for the job. Source: Men of Mathematics, E T Bell. (He may have been 21; other sources disagree about his age.)

Currently Reading: Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January/February 2006, Stanley Schmidt, Editor. Still! How long is it until he overtakes John W Campbell as editor, in years and in issues?


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