March 1st, 2004

krazy koati

I want to show you exactly what I'm talking about

I'm not positive of the exact count -- the critters are hard to track -- but if I'm not mistaken there are at least four geckos in my apartment, ranging in size from about a quarter's to the better part of a foot long. They really move when they want, mind, but their wall- and ceiling-climbing tricks are beautiful. There may be only a few freelance squirrels in Singapore, but there are other wonders of nature.

Some people may have noticed in The Onion's news in brief for 25 February the article Thai Premier Eats Entire Bucket Of Chicken To Calm Bird-Flu Fears. Granted the average difference between The Onion and reality is about two weeks, but normally The Onion leads reality. In fact, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian officials have been very publicly having big chicken meals and pretty much daring the press to eat, in the hopes of calming bird flu fears. They've been local dishes, for the most part; I don't think anyone's eaten a bucket of friend chicken (mind, Kentucky Fried Chicken is all over the place, and perfectly reasonable in taste), but the premise of the joke ... just isn't one. Sorry to disappoint them. But I did love the ``Most Popular T-Shirt Slogans, 2092'' sidebar.

Trivia: English King Richard II, 1367-1400, is credited with inventing the handkerchief and the codpiece. Source: Shakespeare's Kings: The great plays and the history of England in the Middle Ages, 1337-1485, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: Astounding Days: A Science Fictional Autobiography, Arthur C Clarke. (This is one of the books I reread each year or so, and savor. It's about the stories of Astounding, 1930 through 1945, and Clarke's life reading them, with many diversions to related topics. I can't recommend it highly enough.)