March 13th, 2004

krazy koati

Why don't you do right

Campus open house today; thus, I mostly stuck to my office on the chance someone would drop in. They didn't, but I got some grading done and tinkered with a few pieces for the big Spindizzy Spring Break Weekend this weekend. And I had time to leisurely examine the squirrel's home territory. I thought I found him a few times, but that characteristic tree-rustling turned out each time to be a mynah bird poking around. No sign of Inki.

Spotted dotting the campus the last few days -- flyers from the Animation Society, by which they mean the Anime Club, offering a summer art course. According to the flyers it's six sessions for three courses in various how-to-draw fields, each spanning six hours of time over a couple days in mid-May. It's not clear to me whether this means they're cramming 18 hours of art lessons into a few weeks or what, or whether they're having six hourlong slices or if each course is six hours of art or what. It's also not clear whether their $50/per charge is per session or per course. Finally, they will have someone around to answer questions on ``5 March.'' I can't escape the suspicion that the courses are for the Anime Club only, and the flyers are because a funding guideline says they have to pretend to let the entire campus community in on it.

Just as well. I doubt there's much lasting value from a cram course; I suspect one hour of real work three days a week would be more efficient. And I don't care to learn how to draw in an anime style. While I'd like to have any style, I'd really like to have my own, whatever that turns out to be. I'll let you know when I find it.

Trivia: Plastic Man creator Jack Cole's first professional sale was in 1935 to Boys' Life, recounting a cross-country trip taken three years earlier. Source: Jack Cole and Plastic Man, Art Spiegelman and Chip Kidd.

Currently Reading: Expendable, James Alan Gardner.