March 21st, 2004

krazy koati

Uptown -- downtown -- Park Avenue

I tend to overdo it when I plan things, so today I just got on any old bus and saw where it ended up. This being Singapore, that means I ended up at a bus interchange near an MRT station, a Housing Development Board complex of flats, and a mall, but that's all right; I hadn't been there before. The Hougang station (near the far end of the North-East MRT line), interchange, mall and flats were quite nice, rather homey, and had a lovely sidewalk path wrapping green space.

Sengkang, farther north, was a less personal place, although the station was mixed in with the Compassville Mall. I know everybody else on the Internet hates malls, but I like them and the crowds they draw, particularly when they have an eccentric design or set of stores. These stores weren't fantastic, but the mall did have an ``Age of Exploration'' theme, with 17th century maps represented in the tile floors and mastheads sprouting out the fourth and fifth storeys in the central area and such. The MRT station also links to an automated Light Rail Transit system, generally unremarkable although the LRT cars are these skinny, tall things that look sort of like Star Trek movie cargo shuttles.

Punggol, the far end of the North-East Line, achieves perfect East Rutherford, New Jersey. They have hopes the area will be developed soon -- just looking around I found seven stations for its LRT system under construction -- but for the moment it's marshy fields with factories in the distance. The station resembles the starship Reliant rising from the grass. As a storm was rolling in I got some great and atmospheric pictures.

Trivia: Cartoonist Walt Kelly was born in Philadelphia in 1913. Source: The Best Of Pogo: collected from The Okefenokee Star, Edited by Mrs Walt Kelly and Bill Crouch, Jr.

Currently Reading: The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World, Harlan Ellison.